From A.O.N.S.R. to Multiversal Hookups, I'm here to have a good time drawing lewd yet fun interactions with some of my favorite characters in fiction.

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Juko, wanting to cut ties with being Juto & Judas’s alternate, she went to her universes Circle of Lust and her version of Pliubuhna named Asmodeus to further train her abilities as a succubus and not a Berrun.

If a demon wishes to become another type of demon then they must go through years of training and then consume a fruit that holds a percentage of the concept of the sin they wish to represent.

Juko did this training but in the end she ate a fruit that is 100% the concept of lust that holds the circle of lust and the existence of all lust based demons together.

Doing this, she literally absorbed a universe equivalent of lust within her body, reshaping her into a succubus with not a cell in her being who she once was. So Juko becomes someone new, Juvia Yokubo, the Heir of Lust. 

She is a mix between a cotton-tail rabbit and a Fox. She has powers (That will be shown and explained later) that are a mix and a mutation of her previous powers. And thanks to Icon’s approval, she’s not a “Nobody Cries For Nothing" character.

My story of NCFN has already adapted to her loss as a character and will do fine without her. 


“Multiversal Hookups” is NOT “Anime One Night Stand Requests 2”

This is going to be more of a comic series with a little more structure. Where Juto was more of a dick to use for characters, Juvia is going to be actually interacting with the people she’s meeting. Sort of like dating but most of the time she’s just trying to have fun with them. Where is in AONSR it’s just they show up and then stuff happens, here it’s going to be fleshed out. Major differences in Multiversal Hookups are-

**1. Commissions are limited to certain times of the year. I will still take character requests, just know I might not get to them for awhile. When Coms open up you can pay me to do them at a sooner date. I kind of want to take this series at my own pace and I’m not strapped for cash so I don’t want to take your money when I can do it for free.**

**2. Juvia has a running gag, that running gag is that despite being an extremely powerful and thirsty succubus, She can never seem to actually have sex with people. So the Hookups are going to be suggestive but never overtly sexual.**

**3. This doesn’t mean full on NSFW stuff isn’t happening. Instead of explaining, I think it’ll be better to wait until I get what I’m talking about done and you all can see for yourself.


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